Kenya elections 2020

kenya elections 2020

Kenya has been elected a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, defeating Djibouti for a seat designated for African countries. UN Member States chose the country in a second round of voting on Thursday in the General Assembly, with ambassadors casting their ballots during pre-determined time slots, due to the COVID pandemic.

The run-off took place one day after elections to select five new non-permanent members to serve on the Council, based on regional groupings. Both Kenya and Djibouti had failed to secure the required two-thirds majority on Wednesday, or votes. Fifteen countries sit on the Security Councilthe UN organ that maintains international peace and security.

Ten non-permanent members are elected by the General Assembly for two-year terms, with five elected each year. Turkish diplomat Volkan Bozkir was elected President of the forthcoming session of the UN General Assembly in a vote held on Wednesday that was emblematic of its time. Skip to main content. Welcome to the United Nations. Toggle navigation Language:. Subscribe Audio Hub. A wide view of the UN Security Council chamber as members vote to adopt resolution on Libya file photo.

UN Affairs. In the second round, Kenya received votes, and Djibouti Opposition supporters, guided by party leaders, took to the streets to protest the results, which many viewed as fraudulent.

These protests quickly turned violent, and lasted nearly two months, resulting in the deaths of over 1, people, and the displacement of anotherpeople. For many people living in the US, this type of violence has seemed remote, unthinkable even. But as many journalists and political analysts have noted, the specter of violence looms over the upcoming election.

Election violence, like many forms of political violence, is rare. Violence is possible only when restraints breakdownand is often jointly produced by political leaders who organize or sanction violence, and supporters willing to participate in violence.

The notable exception is when the state is the sole perpetrator of violence, for example, when sending police to suppress peaceful dissent. In Kenya, this joint production of violence was possible where: 1 political leaders had strong incentives to use or sanction violence to gain or stay in power, and 2 ordinary citizens saw violence as a way to protect their interests and well-being.

These interests gained saliency through narratives about Kenyans from one ethnic community threatening the status and livelihood of another. In the US, narratives demonizing opponents are louder and more explicit than they have been for decades. In Kenya, the worst violence occurred in competitive electoral spaces where violent evictions provided a crude method of redistricting and land redistribution. In the US, an ACLED report suggests that the potential for violence is highest in swing states such as Georgia and Michigan, as well as cities like Portland, Oregon, where the BLM movement and coronavirus restrictions have animated armed white supremacists.

Importantly, these insider-outsider narratives do not, in themselves, cause or predict violence. Anger over electoral fraud prompted mass protest, but divisive land narratives provided a key mechanism through which violence became thinkable and legitimate. The US bears a striking resemblance to Kenya in In Kenya, conspiracy theories and rumors circulated widely through pamphlets and vernacular radio.

In the US, they circulate through domestic and foreign disinformation campaigns. Trust in the integrity of the electoral process is very lowas is trust in mainstream media. Both societies are highly unequal, politically polarized and share a long history of state violence. Yet most worrying, political candidates in the US, in particular, the president, have signaled their willingness to condone violence and have failed to commit to a peaceful transfer or power.

Meanwhile, groups of armed citizens demonstrate their ability and willingness to engage in politically motivated violence. This dynamic points to possibility for election violence that is jointly produced: between an incumbent president encouraging violence and loyal supporters willing to engage in violence. In the first, Biden wins the election, but by a narrow margin.They had been strangled to death. Raila Odinga, one of the leading presidential candidates, alleged that Msando had been killed because he refused to hand over a password that was later used to rig the elections.

While the commission acknowledged that there had been a hacking attempt, it said the attempt had failed. On Sept. But she said that political interference had rendered IEBC so dysfunctional that it could not carry out credible elections as scheduled. Kenya holds general elections every five years, with the next vote scheduled for August Adding to the volatility, incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta is legally barred from seeking another term.

Succession politics have started playing out, with numerous figures around him jostling for the chance to occupy the presidential office in Chiloba allegedly responded to the comments with an email, which Akombe shared on Twitter, that many interpreted as a threat.

In1, people were killed in waves of violence along ethnic lines, and an estimatedwere displaced. Five years later, the KANU again backed attacks in the Coast Province that displaced up to 10, people and killed While the and elections saw fewer clashes, the period after the election was characterized by significant violence. In Decemberincumbent President Mwai Kibaki was sworn in under the cover of darkness and amid allegations of vote rigging that many alleged the electoral commission ignored.

Violence broke out across the country, and as many as 1, people were killed over the next few weeks.

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Only the involvement of mediators led by former U. Secretary-General Kofi Annan prevented the country from slipping into civil war. InInternational Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo named six high-profile Kenyans suspected of being behind the violence—with charges including murder, incitement, deportation, persecutions and torture, and mass rape.

The cases collapsed. Kenyatta and Ruto came together in a coalition for the presidential ticket incasting themselves as the victims of an imperialist ICC plot. Msando was killed in the lead-up to their successful bid for reelection in The Msando affair is now part of a pattern in which electoral violence in Kenya often goes unsolved and unpunished.This means the balance of the political momentum that Covid jolted into an abrupt stop will resume soon after the pandemic is contained and things resume to some semblance of normalcy.

Nothing will have more priority than BBI implementation. However, not all proposals in the BBI will be subject to a referendum. The drafters of the bill will confine it to two or three fundamental issues. The selected issues are to address the major ills at the core of what the BBI is designed to address and that is ending electoral disputes, violence, and deaths after every general election. With Uhuru and Raila having done their purges in Parliament, and with the ongoing deals to form a grand coalition, and further given the handshake is steady, it is a foregone conclusion that other proposals shall be passed into law as a mere formality.

The only question remaining after that will be when the next elections will be held. Everyone, starting from the media and the public, somehow believes the polls will be in This is wrong.

As for county bosses, Article 1 states that governors shall be elected in polls held on the same day as a general election of MPs, which as noted above is the second Tuesday of August in every fifth year. The next elections should be held on Tuesday, August 10, This is the only reading of the Constitution that will prevent our being in an even longer campaign mode than we already have been and continue to be, paralysing everything until the succession game is over.

Elections should be held innot Register Sign In. Connect With Us. In Summary. The only issue now remaining is how BBI will be implemented. Most Popular. Japan ready to help Kenya in post-Covid recovery.

Tanzania election: President Magufuli hoping to secure 2nd term

One million signatures, 24 county assemblies next BBI target. Police must stop double standards in Covid rulesThe following elections are scheduled to occur in The National Democratic Institute also maintains a calendar of elections around the world in the countries in which the organization works.

Will the US Experience Election Violence? Lessons from Kenya

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kenya elections 2020

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kenya elections 2020

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.The East African nation with a population of 47 million began the s facing a multitude of challenges, many of its own making over the last decade, and others due to regional and international events.

In his address, televised from his official residence in the coastal city of Mombasa, Kenyatta outlined a plan to shift gears, reshuffle his cabinet, get rid of several non-performing Cabinet Secretaries, and address specific economic and political issues. With looming debt repayments, a ballooning wage bill, and revenue target misses, the country has doubled down on tax collection, which will undoubtedly affect measures to improve the business climate.

While asking Kenyans to hold him and other leaders accountable for their promises, Kenyatta did not address his promise to share publicly the SGR contract between Kenya and the Chinese. It is unlikely, however, that anything short of radical changes to the coffee and tea sectors will revitalise the agricultural sector. Milk is particularly controversial for Kenyatta, because the Kenyatta family is heavily invested in the sector and runs the biggest milk processor in the country.

Also missing is how the Kenyatta administration plans to bring down the cost of food. In latethe IMF arm-twisted Kenyatta into introducing a new tax on fuel products, which, combined with the US-Iran conflict, will most likely lead to even higher fuel prices. Taking into account the weighted average cost of imported refined petroleum products, the changes in the maximum allowed petroleum pump prices in Nairobi are as follows: Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene increases by KShs. Kenyatta also addressed his war on corruption, which has seen many senior and former Kenyan politicians prosecuted for economic crimes.

He called on the Judiciary, whose head complained about being forced into impractical austerity just a few months ago, to support him in the fight, saying his efforts had led to deterrence. The attacks have frozen education in some parts of Northern Kenya, as the militant group targets teachers and other professionals, in addition to targeting communication masts and security forces. His former rival, and now primary political partner, Raila Odinga, has been traversing the country, campaigning for a referendum before the end of the year.

After ascending to power together, the relationship between Kenyatta and his deputy is now all but dead. With a ruling party in shambles, and Kenyatta and Odinga now close allies, a referendum could provide Ruto with a way out.

It would be a repeat of the last such exercise inwhere he led the primary opposition against the new constitution. It is likely he will push for reforms and expend as much political capital as he needs to — he is almost done with his second term — but his rift with Deputy President Ruto may slow him down. In his speech, Kenyatta made as many significant promises and changes as he left out.Tea farmers from Mt Kenya region have hailed the decision by the High Court to suspend countrywide elections of factory directors.

They want a "one farmer one vote" system. The High Court in Mombasa on Monday suspended the elections pending the hearing and determination of an application by Attorney General Kihara Kariuki.

Counsel Nguyo Wachira, who represented the AG, said allowing the elections to continue would render the Crops Tea Industry Regulations,irrelevant. The regulations bill is in Parliament and outlines changes to the electoral system used in the tea sector. If passed, farmers will have equal voting stakes. It has, however, been contested by KTDA through its company secretary John Omanga, who said a similar application had been filed and dismissed in the High Court in Nairobi.

Ngunjiri urged the National Assembly to take its cue from the court and hasten the adoption of the bill for reforms to be enacted in the "chaotic sector". Muthoni Waithanji from Gitugi factory said farmers will not lose hope and will instead continue fighting for reforms that will see them earn more from the cash crop — one of the highest foreign exchange-earners.

Waithanji said farmers have been participating in flawed elections of directors in which they have no choice because of unfairness. He questioned the senator's change of heart, saying he had supported the regulations when Munya visited Embu in September.

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Tea farmers welcome suspension of factory directors elections. Register Sign In. Connect With Us.

Kenya wins final contested seat on Security Council

In Summary. Opinion leaders in the tea sector in the Central region during a meeting in Kenol town, Murang'a.

kenya elections 2020

Image: Alice Waithera. Tea farmers earn more under 'robust' new regulations Management agency fees for smallholder factories down from 2.

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Tea prices improve amidst low global supplies Tea prices at the Mombasa Auction have improved by about 30 percent in a span of two months since July Most Popular. Kakamega County Chief of Staff succumbs to Covid Fleeing sacco members default on Sh1. Commuter rail service game changer in public transport.

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